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Service & Support

Zhengding is committed to providing customers with a convenient and satisfactory service experience. With expert support, 24-hour after-sales technical line, on-site service, training services and accessories services, we create system value for our customers.



After-sales technical processing line

Zhengding has set up a after-sales service hotline (0514-82878868), fax (0514-87848803), to provide customers with 8x7 hours of after-sales service support (fault declaration, equipment repair, etc.), service policy advice, complaints and suggestions and other service requests. Customers can also enjoy 24x7 hours of uninterrupted after-sales technical support (fault notification, equipment repair) and other emergency service requests and timely guidance.



Remote expert phone support

After receiving the service request, Zhengding will respond to the phone support within the response time specified by the service level, help the customer analyze, diagnose and locate the problem, provide solutions to the problem, and guide the customer to implement. To enable customers to enjoy more convenient and comprehensive consultancy expert services.



Field Service

In the event of equipment problems that cannot be effectively solved through remote technical support, Zhengding will arrange experienced service engineers to go to the customer site within the time specified in the service agreement to assist customers in on-site fault diagnosis, formulate fault recovery plans and eliminate faults on site. For the problem that the positioning needs to be replaced by the accessory, the service engineer replaces the on-site parts and eliminates the fault to restore the system to normal operation.



Training Services

Zhengding employs experts in technology and management to provide long-term professional skills training in production, operation, management and maintenance to help you cultivate operational, technical and managerial talents.



Accessories service

Zhengding provides high quality and reliable original accessories. Send the required accessories directly to you, and each service center also stores a certain number of commonly used accessories to meet the needs of fast delivery.


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