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  • 07-01

    Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China
    Do not forget the original intention, forge ahead, and create greater glories! Happy 100th birthday to the great Chinese Communist Party! May the great motherland prosper
  • 11-06

    Briefly describe the precautions for the use of hydraulic flip unloader
    With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the use of hydraulic flip truck unloaders has become more and more common, and is widely used in various warehouses and processing plants to unload sand, plastic, grain, coal, feed, etc. Also suitable for chemical, metallurgical and all (etc.) bulk material receiving operations.
  • 11-06

    Safe and reliable hydraulic dump truck unloader, high-quality supplier
    The car quick unloader is suitable for quick unloading of bulk materials in coal, grain, electric power, mining, metallurgy and other industries. Hydraulic dump truck unloading machine is a modern material unloading equipment. As long as it is reversed, it can automatically unload directly, saving time, effort and money, high speed, high efficiency, safety and reliability; high unloading efficiency and less dust.
  • 11-06

    Wide application of hydraulic tipper unloader in all walks of life
    Hydraulic dump trucks are widely used in all walks of life. With the continuous development of China's social economy and the continuous progress of science and technology, a large number of hydraulic lathes have emerged on the production site. It must be said that it brings great convenience to our production efficiency (hydraulic). The advent of tipping machines made us uncomfortable with dump trucks. Hydraulic lamination equipment is required for necessary unloading operations such as coal and wood chips.
  • 11-06

    What are the steps to check the unloader?
    The unloader, as the name suggests, is a car unloading device designed for heavy-duty unloading. It adopts multi-cylinder support, which has the advantages of low pressure, stable operation, low failure rate, the platform is flush with the ground after reset, and there are no obstacles around, which is more convenient for vehicles to enter the platform, and can be used as a passageway when not in use. The equipment can be widely used in many industries such as flour, starch, feed and alcohol. For long-term stable use of mechanical equipment, daily maintenance and inspection are inseparable.
  • 11-06

    The reason why more and more industries will choose the unloading platform of hydraulic tipper unloader?
    Hydraulic flap unloading usually requires manual cooperation, and manual unloading is also very hard work, and the current labor cost is constantly increasing. The efficiency of manual unloading is generally relatively low. Many companies will choose to purchase the unloading platform of the hydraulic flip unloader to unload the bulk material. The unloaded goods are unloaded together, which takes a short time and can improve the efficiency of production. The unloading platform of the hydraulic flip truck unloader can replace a lot of labor for half a day of work, so many bosses will buy the unloading platform of the hydraulic flip truck unloading machine to carry out the work of bulk material unloading, saving labor costs.
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