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Talent Concept

The sky is high and the birds fly, and the sea is wide.

We strive to provide a broad career development platform, to stimulate the potential of each employee, to obtain job promotion, ability improvement, achievement improvement, and achieve employee self-worth. We provide competitive compensation and benefits to each employee, focus on personal development and training opportunities, and strive to build a team of leading talents, global talents, and local talents.

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Campus Recruiting

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Mechanical Engineers

Recruitment number 10; Education: Bachelor degree or above; Working years: 2 years or more

【Job Responsibilities】

1. The mechanical structure of the product, the design of mechanical parts, and the selection of materials;
2. Responsible for completing the mechanical design tasks assigned by the department leaders;
3. Organize technical documents for technical documentation.


[job conditions]

1. Mechanical manufacturing major, college degree or above; good English;
2. More than 3 years relevant design work experience;
3, familiar with mechanical principles; familiar with hydraulic system and pneumatic system; familiar with mechanical processing technology; proficient in computer-aided design;

4. Serious and responsible work, rigorous and meticulous, skilled in using CAD or CAXA and SOLIDWORKS.
5, hard work, can seriously complete other tasks assigned by the leadership


Electrical Engineer

Recruitment number 5; Education: Bachelor degree or above; Working years: 2 years or more


【Job Responsibilities】

1. Responsible for product electrical part design, electrical control cabinet design, electrical schematic drawing, PLC programming, configuration software application.
2. Participate in the design of the relevant product plan, draw the plan map, and draw the plan design information.

3. Responsible for the on-site technical work of experiments, trial production, installation and commissioning of related products


[job conditions]

1. Academic qualifications: junior college degree or above; major in electrical control and automation;
2, knowledge and skills: with electrical design and PLC and other related work 2 years of experience; skilled use of OFFICE office software.
3, quality ability: integrity and integrity, responsibility, team awareness, execution, learning, innovation.

Social recruitment


Marketing manager

Recruitment number 10; Education: College or above; Working years: 2 years or more


【Job Responsibilities】

1. Implement the sales plan and complete the sales task.
2. Develop customers, establish and maintain customer relationships, and establish and improve customer files in a timely manner.
3. Realize the sales plan and goals set by the company.


[job conditions]

1, age 25-45 years old, male or female;
2, college degree or above, sales experience;
3. Have strong learning and communication skills and be good at communication;

4. Have a good sense of teamwork and pressure;

5, can work hard, maintain good work enthusiasm

6, mechanical or mechanical and electrical professional priority.

Sales Office


Recruitment number 2; Education: College or above; Working years: 2 years or more


【Job Responsibilities】

1. Proficiency in office series office software, responsible for the sorting, categorization and archiving of various reports and documents;

2. Have business back-office work experience;

3. Timely filing of sales related information between the company, customers and business;

4. Have good communication skills. Work patiently and meticulously, obey arrangements;

5. Daily work in the field and other matters explained by the superior;
6. English speaking ability is preferred;


Assembly Electrician

Recruitment number 3; working years: 2 years or more


【Job Responsibilities】

The main work is the assembly, installation and inspection of the electric control cabinet.


【work place】

Yangmiao Town Environmental Protection Industrial Park

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